Best 5 Bookmarklets

Looking for a cross-browser-compatible way to perform specific functions while surfing the web? Look no further than this great article from, which links to a number of bookmarklets that make surfing the web more fun – and more efficient. The best five on my radar are:

  1. Facebook – This lets you share links within Facebook.
  2. Better Readability – Gone are the headaches associated with having to pick through bling-y site construction, thanks to this bookmarklet which cleans up a web page’s format.
  3. Show Password – For those who, like me, suffer from sieve-brain disease, this will reveal the password you are typing instead of the *******’s we’re all used to seeing.
  4. Domain Owner – a handy tool to figure out who owns the domain you’re viewing.
  5. Google Translate – this is actually a collection of bookmarklets that will help you translate from numerous languages into English.

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