Bring Green to Work


Many of us have already started doing more green actions at our home but now it’s time to bring it in to the office. Becoming green at work has never been so easy. These nine simple steps will help you save energy and money at your office.

1. Change some power settings on your computer. Look for the Energy Star and enable power management setting on your work computer and monitor so they automatically enter low-power mode when not in use.
Set the computer to go into sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity. That way when you go on a break the computer will do the same.
2. Replace all light bulbs with Energy Star qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs. These light bulbs use about 75% less energy and last up to 10 times longer.
3. Upgrade office appliances like printers, scanners, or copies to Energy Star certified ones. Theses applicants save energy by going in to sleep mood when they are not in use.
4. Turn off the lights when no one is in the room or at the end of the day. The lights in the break room or office supple room can be turned off when no one is them. Motion detector lights can also be put in so light will automatically turn off when there is no motion after a certain amount of time.
5. Use heat blocking blinds in the warm weather to keep the building cool but keep them open during daylight hours in the colder weather to let the sun’s warmth in.
6. Have the thermostat on a program to automatically adjust the temperature of office hours. When it hits closing time the thermostat automatically sets the temperature so you don’t have to remember.
7. Replace disposable paper cups with washable, reusable mugs. Have everyone in the office bring their own mug from home instead of using paper cups for water, tea and coffee. Have a place in the office to store everyone’s cups or keep them at their desk.
8. Recycle! Set up recycling bends next to trash cans for paper, plastic, aluminum cans, metal, ink cartridges and even batteries. All those water bottles and coke cans can be recycled, not to mention all that paper! Recycling helps conserve natural resources by reusing materials from broken, worn and discarded items.
9. At the end of the day turn off and unplug electronic that can be. Even when your electronics are turned off they are still using energy when they are plugged into the outlet.
10. Get everyone involved! When the office as a whole is together on going green it becomes easier and fun.

These small steps can all add up to a big difference at your office and for the planet!

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