Build Your Company to Last – Learn Important Ingredients for Success

Sometimes we get stuck because we are focused on the complexity of a problem—and because we are, we have no idea where to begin in order to fix it. But, the fact of the matter is, the simpler we can make things (and simply ignore the rest), the more successful we can become. Here’s one simple way to go from being a business that’s merely ‘good enough’ to being the best.

Learn From the Walgreen’s Model 

Have you ever noticed that the majority of Walgreen’s drug stores are located on the corner of a street? Well, that’s no accident. Cork Walgreen, the founder of the successful drug store chain, developed a ‘simpler is better’ approach to his business model. Just by changing the model of inconvenient locations into convenient ones, he could make his drug store the best of the best.

He was right, too. This was the single strategy that Walgreen’s used (placing each store in a position where it’s visible from multiple directions) to blast through his competition, and become quite simply, the best!

How You Can Become the Best

Some companies insist on performing slowly and over time. While this may be a good way to promote a near guarantee of growth and reputation within your market, it’s not the surefire way to become great at what you do. Would you get more satisfaction out of sticking to a business that gives you easy profits, and prevents you from being the most innovative, and best in the business?

Instead, why don’t you take the time to ‘dive deeper’ by coming up with insights on how to expedite cash flow and profitability for the long run? Take some risks by establishing an ‘idea mindset.’ Start by asking yourself in what ways you can think outside the box, break some rules and altogether take your ‘being the best’ to a whole new level.

Then, go within.

What is your team doing to perform at their best? At Green Efficient, one of our most important core values is Proactive Engagement. This means that we place value on what’s happening on the inside—what is driving success to each employee member, and how their engagement is being maximized.

Since we are a company of leaders here at Green Efficient, the culture supports that initiative, day in and day out. It’s our mission, our focus and our passion to lead, facilitate and support leadership within and outside of our company. Just like Walgreen’s—and any other company that has taken ‘good’ and made it ‘great’, focusing on the simple aspects of your business gives it power to transform, and become a true leader in its industry (leading to more growth than you ever thought possible!)

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