Business or Pleasure

So you’re headed to the other side of the pond? Whether it is for business or pleasure, there’s no escaping that 12 hours of sitting. Let’s put a price on comfort, ladies and gentlemen.

It’s time to weigh our two options: business or first class.

Business Class boasts an assorted palette of amenities. While seated in Business Class, which for this long haul is referred to as “Club Europe,” you will find spacious seating, room to work between the office in the “States” and your destination and a wide array of food and wines.

First Class boasts even more amenities, but let’s not assume that First Class should be first choice! While seated in First Class you will find that comfort is king. Room to sleep in the most comfortable of fashions, accompanied by an assortment of well-being products to make sure that you look as refreshed as you will not be able to help but feel. On top of the ability to expedite your trip by sleeping through it comfortably, you will be able to pick from the finest foods and even the format in which they are served to you.

Of course, both classes offer more amenities, but a simple look at just these key ones will open up our eyes to which is more valuable to our trip. So what will it be, business or pleasure? Does the ability to work while you fly insure that you will be studied up and ready for your big sale as soon as you land, or does the comfort of first class allow you to rest assured that when you land, you will be at the top of your sight-seeing game?

Whatever it comes down to, one simple fact will make your decision more comfortable: it’s not Coach!

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