Catch or Kill: Pest Control for the "Green City" of Dallas

If you follow green building and sustainable energy news, you already know that Dallas, Texas is called the “Green City”.  You’ve probably heard about LEED® certification, as well as the U.S. Green Building Council.  Several news articles, blogs, etc. have been created to raise environmental awareness in the form of sustainable living, solar power and various other ways.  What may not occur to many, however, is the damage that certain pest controls can do to the environment, the food we eat and the air we breathe.

Why Green Pest Controls For Business

In many Dallas businesses, environmentally safe pest control should automatically be thought of before using more toxic kinds.  For instance, businesses near water sources should make sure the chosen pest control is not poisonous.  Those toxins become part of run-off and filter into streams, ponds, lakes and ultimately, into our drinking water.

Restaurants are another area of concern; many restaurants use liquid, toxic roach and pest killer sprays.  Likewise with grocery stores.  Any place of business that deals with food, prepackaged or not, should look into non-toxic, green pest controls.

Types of Green Pest Controls
There are literally thousands of so-called “safe” pest controls in Dallas alone.  Unfortunately, only a small percentage actually works or is as safe as advertised.  Of those that do, they range from things such as glue traps to others, like live animal traps.

The best generally come from organic make-up, like cedar or other tree oils.  Castor oil, natural grasses or other plant derivatives are also safe, natural and green products.  Pheromone, glue and bait traps work well for roaches and other insects.

Which green pest control is best for your Dallas business depends on what type of business you have.  Research each pest control carefully before deciding.

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