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What Is LEED® EBOM?Are you a business owner with an existing building?  Are you interested in turning your property into a green building, gaining LEED®  certification and helping the environment, but you don’t know how?  You need to know about LEED®  Certification for Existing Buildings, or LEED®  EB.Green building with new construction seems relatively easy.  The building contractors are starting from scratch, so there’s no remodeling to be done, no upgrades to make.  Green building for existing structures however, is a little bit harder, but not as bad is it may seem.LEED®  for Existing Buildings deals with cleaning and maintenance issues for complete structures, recycling programs, exterior maintenance programs and system upgrades.  It’s a tool, designed to teach and reward business owners for using current best practices, using less energy, water and natural resources, improving the indoor air quality and uncovering operation short-comings.  In short, LEED®  EB helps to transform your building into a sustainable building, and make your operation practices leaner.To be eligible for LEED®  EB certification, your building will have to be at least two years old.  Now, if it’s less than two years old, you can still register the project and begin the steps to earn your certification, but the building won’t be certified until after its second year – even if you finish before that.Once the building is certified, it will still need re-certification every five years.  You do have the option for annual re-certification however, and there are some benefits to doing so.  If you’d like yearly feedback on your building’s performance for reviews and budgets, or when LEED®  scores are part of a lease agreement to measure the quality of the delivered space, re-certifying annually can help.Re-certification isn’t nearly as involved as original LEED®  EB certification.  The only thing you’ll need to do is provide documentation on any changes in policies and performance data that have happened since original certification.LEED®  EB certification is a good way for an older building to become a green building.  As we go through this series, we’ll impart as much information as possible on the hows, whys and whats for this certification.

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