Central City Co-op Provides Organic Produce for Houston

Although the jury may still be out on the health benefits of organic produce in the office, there’s no denying that it’s better for the environment in Houston. The produce is grown following the principles of sustainable agriculture, boosting the local economy and promoting responsible trade. Organic farms protect both the environment and community safety.

As Houston’s only organic co-op, Central City [http://www.centralcityco-op.org/] provides nutritious fruits and vegetables to Houston residents at a reasonable cost. The organically grown produce is both grown locally and shipped from sustainable farms around the country. The result is an interesting and healthy selection of produce that is better for you and the planet.

Co-op members purchase the produce as a share, such as the Mixed Share, Fruit Share, and the Gundermann Share. Each share is an assortment of in-season fruits and vegetables. Weekly share lists are available on the Co-op’s website. Customers can also shop at the co-op store where they can choose from the same nutritious produce available in the shares.

Central City Co-op’s sustainable produce is also affordable. Shares are sold for an annual rate of $48 or 18 hours of “sweat equity” earned through volunteering at the co-op. Volunteers from the Houston area help assemble shares, distribute orders, and work in the co-op store.

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