Conflict Management - The Most Efficient Way to Lead

The Most Efficient Way to Lead? Conflict Management, Of Course!

As an employer, you’re being watched constantly. Your employees overall attitude about work is a reflection of yours. How they treat their peers is a reflection of how you treat them. And, how they resolve disputes in the workplace is similar to how you treat disputes with them. To lead, inspire and even cultivate a workplace of productivity, conflict resolution is a must. Here’s a kick start 411 lesson about this essential skill you need to master.

What Do You Have in Common?

If a workplace that fosters creativity and productivity is the goal, then consider conflict resolution the name of this game. There isn’t a workplace in existence that doesn’t have some sort of conflict come up from time to time—but there are many workplaces that let conflict fester and linger. The end result of unresolved problems at work? Low morale, higher turnover and a lower productivity rate.

Want to steadily decrease the amount of employer-employee conflict that arises? Keep the big picture at the forefront of your mind at all times. If you are discussing a matter with an upset employee, refocus the conversation to the big picture goal that both of you share. What is it that you both want to accomplish? What is it that you both want to overcome? How can you collectively accomplish that together? What steps can you take and hold yourself accountable for?

Make this shared goal and vision the main focus of your discussion. Doing so will allow you to come from a place of understanding and respect while you work out your communication differences. When you set a goal of connection and respect (before you start hashing out your differences), there is no conflict that is too big or too difficult to overcome.


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