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I am pleased to share with you a technology that puts a “whole new face on the traditional clock”.  I recommend watching the video first, and then reading the rest of the article.  Look closely at the man in the video: he is sketching the hands on the clock.  At the 40 second marker, you will discover that he stuck in a box.  What a horrible nightmare that would be.  The good news for him is that he is not really trapped.  In fact, he wasn’t even present at this technology convention.  Prior to the show, the man was filmed drawing the hands on the clock.  The geniuses behind this marvel of modern technology took the previously shot footage and played it on an LCD clock face.  The clock first appeared at Design Miami, and it continues to amaze crowds.  Despite the jaw dropping response, this clock is extremely impractical for the real world.  The goal of having a clock is to be able quickly glance at it and get the time.  Imagine how annoying it would be if you had to wait on this clock when you needed the time.  Each moment you glanced at the clock, you would have to wait a few seconds for the man to finish drawing the minute hand.  If you add up these lost seconds over the course of a day, you would quickly realize that using this clock would be a disaster, not to mention a complete waste of time.

Although the clock might not be the most practical design for your home or office, you still have to give it a round of applause.  Not only is it a wonderful display of modern technology, it is also the coolest clock I have ever seen!  I hope we can continue to make cool clocks in the future, or at least something that is computer generated.  Given that many of the new smart phones have cooler looking and customizable clocks, I predict that there will be a growing trend towards developing this technology.  Perhaps this clock could work better if they used a CG figure or animated robot painting the hands.  Despite its impractical use in the real world, I have to admit that this is the coolest clock I have ever seen!  Below you will also find links to some other clocks worth seeing.  They might not be as cool as this one, but they are still unlike anything else I have ever seen.

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