Custom Texas Builder Creates Green Homes

It’s no longer just a dream to live in a home that produces its own power and harvests rain water for everyday use.

-based Sustainable Homes, Inc. can create a truly sustainable home for you and your family at a reasonable price.

The most interesting aspect of Sustainable Homes is the way they use the site features and local resources as inspiration for their designs. Not only does this practice help the environment, it also helps them build charming homes.

These homes use the latest environmentally friendly materials and systems. Each of their sustainable homes uses a 40,000 gallon rain harvesting system as the primary water source. The grid-tied solar power system produces power during the day and gives homeowners the chance to bank electricity with the local utility company. Their air conditioning and heating systems save energy.

Unlike traditional home builders, Sustainable Homes makes every effort to protect the environment during the construction process. Each of their subcontractors receives separate recycling containers. They’ve even framed a new home using two by four studs that were otherwise going to be thrown out.

Sustainable Homes pays just as much attention to your personal health and safety. Their cabinets are built with formaldehyde-free plywood and finished with low VOC finishes. Walls are painted with Sherwin Williams Harmony paint. All of this adds up to a sustainable home that is as attractive as it eco-conscious in the heart of Texas.

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