Cut Both Your Home Line and Cell Phone Line?

When cell phones became wildly popular, many people started to limit the amount of service on their home phone plan or eliminate it altogether. The culture has changed and people will generally always have a cell phone with them, so there truly s no need for the home phone. The next step is to cut the cord completely. (Not that anyone has a phone with a cord anymore, but you get the idea.)

Technologies have advanced greatly in the last few years, and all of the communication that is needed can be found on the internet. When we need to find something, we search online. When we need to get in touch with a friend or business associate, we send an email or a text message. And in the event that we actually need to talk to someone, there are VOIP programs, video chat and free phone services that do no need a phone in the traditional sense of the word.

When it comes to maintaining a busy lifestyle and not getting bogged down in the details, cutting the phone cords is one easy way of simplifying. Once the cord is cut, you won’t look back.

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