DFW Steps Forward for Cleaner Air

Leaving forward-moving steps is a good footprint to make.  The state of Texas is implementing a smog clean-up plan for the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) city region that will reduce the emissions made by large local industries in major urban areas. This smog clean-up plan has been initiated by environmental groups, public health and private citizens who have united to reduce ozone depletion and air pollution in Texas.  This public endeavour is a project above and beyond the EPA-approved plan of action put in place by the federal government.One of the groups’ targets for clean up is the smog created by burning hazardous waste.  This kind of incineration emits small particles into the air that are tiny enough to be inhaled into the lungs. Some of these particles can only be seen through a microscope.  The major sources of these harmful particulates are combustion, motor vehicle emissions, power plant operations, domestic wood burning, forest fires, agricultural incineration and some industrial processes.Inhaling these tiny particles into your body can cause some serious or fatal health issues:•    reduced lung capacity•    advanced and chronic bronchitis•    increased risk of respiratory infections•    aggravated breathing•    inspired by air pollution asthma attacksIf you experience coughing, chest pain, shortness of breath combined with feel unusually tired, contact your physician.The best medicine is prevention.  The state of Texas is acting to reduce the amount of particles released into the air.  Check the particulate density before you plan a day outdoors.  AIRNow gives you current information daily about ground-level ozone, particles, and how they may be affecting your health and lifestyle.

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