Happy 4th: Does a true gentleman order boneless or traditional buffalo wings?

There are many things that gentlemen think about in terms of sophistication. Types of food to order is one of those things. Many gentlemen ask if they should order boneless buffalo wings or traditional buffalo wings. Most gentlemen prefer to order boneless buffalo wings for three reasons. Of course, not every gentleman is the same, so keep that in mind.

They are less messy

A true gentleman does not eat messy foods in public. Traditional buffalo wings tend to be very messy, especially when restaurants add extra sauces to the buffalo wings. You must use your hands when eating traditional wings. Also, you must avoid eating the bones inside of traditional wings. Because these things, gentlemen prefer to eat boneless wings.

They are easier to eat

It is not polite to look barbaric when eating in public. With boneless wings, gentlemen can pick the wing up with a fork and bite tiny pieces off of it. There are no bones in the wing to prevent your fork from effectively picking the wing up. Boneless wings allow gentlemen to be polite in public and focus on their party rather than their food. Also, for obvious reasons, you do not have to worry about digesting bones with boneless wings, thus making them easier to eat.

They are less dangerous

There are some dangers associated with traditional wings. The bones in traditional wings can easily be digested and cause internal problems in a person’s body. Some wings, if improperly cooked, can cause food poisoning. Boneless wings do not have any bones, and the chances of getting food poisoning from boneless wings are far less than traditional wings.

These are three reasons why gentlemen prefer boneless wings over traditional wings. Of course, every gentleman is different, and some of them may not feel that these are valid reasons. Preference certainly plays a role in a gentlemen’s decisions.

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