Earn LEED® Credits with Monoglass Insulation

Nothing takes a toll on your building’s energy efficiency quite like poor insulation. When your building isn’t insulated properly, heated and cooled air escapes.

This puts a greater energy load on your structure. You see the results in your monthly electric bill. You don’t see the strain this puts on our natural resources. This is why you should consider using some green building techniques that are eligible for LEED® credits.

Monoglass is an insulation material that is sprayed onto any surface, including steel, gypsum, and wood. When applied to a building, Monoglass keeps air from escaping and reduces noise inside. This goes a long way toward making your building a green building.

Not all insulation is created equal. In fact, some insulation products are downright dangerous. Monoglass, however, is non-toxic and inorganic so it won’t support mold or bacterial growth. It contains 25% recycled glass and is non-combustible. This innovative insulation is listed as a green product by “Green Spec”.

When you add Monoglass to your building, you make it more environmentally friendly. This green building product can help you earn between 1 and 2 points in any of 7 different categories for LEED® certification. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) is a program offered by the U.S. Green Building Council that measures a building’s energy efficiency.

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