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Living in a true community where neighbors know each other and share their lives may seem like a distant memory. Today’s urban sprawl in DFW has moved people farther away from the town center where they could interact with others. This dream of community is still alive, though, in the hearts of eco village residents.

Hidden Lake Village is DFW’s first true green community. The ecovillage consists of smaller communities made up 30-40 homes clustered around common community areas. These self-governing communities are designed for specific groups of people, such as retirement, intergenerational, and singles communities. Your entire extended family can be part of this great community movement.

Each home in Hidden Lake Village is energy efficient, using passive solar designs and alternative energy sources for power. Residents collect rain water to protect water resources. Community members are encouraged to recycle and share property like tools to reduce energy costs.

Eco villages are small communities of people who share common community spaces. Many eco villages are also environmentally friendly, complete with energy efficient homes and conservation areas. Perhaps the greatest benefit of eco villages is the safety they provide. Since eco village communities tend to be small, members know each other. This means that even in DFW, children can play outside under the watchful eyes of other adults. What more could you want?

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