Ecological Green Leads to Fiscal Green

Businesses tend to baulk at the idea of constructing green buildings due to the high cost of materials as opposed to cheaper conventional materials.  What they fail to consider is that, over time, sustainable, energy saving solar and heating, along with other eco friendly fixtures, can save up to 30% on yearly costs.  This quickly replaces the expense of initial building.The very basics of their complaints are also based on the assumption that their initial figures for building expenses are adequate to complete the project.  The average Texas construction project goes over-budget so the comparisons aren’t realistic.  Green building materials are becoming more mainstream and readily available, making them more affordable.  Increased demand is driving down the prices to the point they can be included in construction costs at close to what less energy efficient methods would be.An interesting concept to consider when overcoming doubts and worries about the costs of green building is that less fossil fuel use also reduces maintenance costs on equipment and facilities.  Using more natural lighting and less fuel emissions from old-styled systems also makes a healthier environment for workers, which means less missed work.  Employees are happier and mentally healthier and that leads to higher productivity.Employees trained to think green, who see their leaders striving toward a better environment, are more likely to put every effort into recycling and conservation in all areas in the workplace, too.  The seeds of green building concept spread to every aspect of the work environment.  The benefits to green building are measurable in far more than simple dollars and cents; it just makes good sense.

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