EcoRock is Seriously Green

In an exciting green development, UL Environment, Inc. has validated the environmental claims manufacturers Serious Materials has made about its EcoRock drywall substitute building material.  UL Environment is the Northbrook-based subsidiary of the 115 year-old Underwriters Laboratories and is the leading testing company of product claims and safety standards in the United States.UL’s focus is on building products and personal electronics.  The company’s concentration is on validating specific and measurable claims that conform to the Federal Trade Commission’s Green Guide.  The list of these products is constantly expanding as the green building demand for sustainable materials increases.  UL Environment intends to create new standards for the many new sustainable building materials.  The marketplace is so innovative and changing at such a rapid pace that rating companies have been unable to keep pace with the demand.The lack of a creditable and central rating company has caused unnecessary delays in product selection for green projects.  UL Environment’s commitment to standardizing the rating system has been embraced by the U.S. Green Building Council, the developer of the most recognized green building rating system.The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) advocates the use of sustainable construction products.  This has led to a wave of new products whose claims have previously been unsubstantiated.UL’s director of global commercial development is Chris Nelson.  “There is a very confusing market space because there isn’t a clear leader to define what a sustainable product is.  Some companies we work with are going through five certifications because they do not know what will resonate.”Much like the USGBC’s LEED® certification system, UL Environment is seeking to establish itself as the foremost sustainable expert on material’s valuations. The USGBC will recognize UL Environment’s material’s ratings and accept these products in their point-structured certifications.EcoRock is a green building sustainable drywall substitute.  UL’s certification cites that the product is composed of 80% recycled content with low emissions of volatile organic compounds.  The new-age product is mercury-free and resistant to mold.  Typically, these factors help developers receive LEED® credits.

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