Energy Savings around the Office

You are sitting in your brand new green building that you put great effort into making eco friendly. You have your vegan shoes propped up on your desk as you study the earth conscious bamboo floor and think you have it made. Then your secretary brings you a steaming cup of coffee and you take a sip from the Styrofoam cup and realize you may have missed a few items.• Ditch the Styrofoam, not the coffee. Keep your employees happy while making the world a better place by having them bring their own mugs in for coffee or tea.• Don’t be a dinosaur. The whole world is connected, so whenever possible send documents via email rather than faxing or using postal mail.• Smell the sweet fragrance of success. Pitch the air purifiers that cost a fortune to run, need regular maintenance, and use electricity. Add potted plants that will remove CO2 from the air and replace it with fresh oxygen while adding ambiance to your office spaces. While you are at it, recycle those coffee grounds and tea bags after use as fertilizer for the potted plants.• Recycle paper by using blank backsides for note pads and memos, and remember to turn off all office equipment at the power source to conserve further electricity.• Turn off air and heat systems when not necessary and set the thermostats at reasonably comfortable levels. Even a few degrees more or less will save hundreds of dollars on your utility bills and help the environment.Now you can kick back and study your “big as Texas” domain with pride, knowing that everything you do is helping the environment – from the most intricate of sustainable energy systems to the cup you drink from.

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