Escaping a Sinking Car

If your car was careening off the road and into a large body of water, would you be able to escape? Shows like Top Gear and Mythbusters have investigated the best things you can do to improve your chances of survival if you’re trapped in a sinking car – here are some top tips:

–          Keep a cool head.

–          Don’t take your seatbelt off!

–          Start trying to escape before pressure in the car equalizes with the water outside.

–          Get out immediately, through the door.

–          If that doesn’t work, try breaking or rolling down the window.

–          Escape through the door or window, if you can!

Of course, getting out of a sinking car gets exponentially tougher if you happen to be driving with your friends or family, and in these situations being able to stay calm is even more important – it could help you save lives!

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