Evernote VS OneNote

Notetaking programs are not new, especially with the advances of the technology and the Internet. In the past when carrying a notebook and a pen or pencil was required for school classes or important meetings, technology has emerged in which notes can easily be taken on tablet computers, laptops, and even mobile phones.

When it comes to which program to use, there are many to chose from, however currently there are two that are the most popular – Evernote and OneNote. So which one is better? Is there one that’s better for corporations? One that’s particular to school? Let’s find out!

OneNote – the first program we’ll look at is that of Microsoft’s OneNote program. Introduced with the 2003 version of Office, OneNote is essentially a group of notebooks. Digital notebooks. The program is designed to resemble that of the multi-tabbed notebooks you’ll find students carry, divided with tabs so that each class has it’s own section and folder.

OneNote is a great program, for both employees and students. One major boom is that of the connection with other Office programs. You can import tables from Excel, sections from Word, and even parts of Outlook into OneNote. The downside to OneNote is two fold – for one thing, the student version of Office does come with OneNote, but leaves out Outlook and some other features that can only fully be gained with the purchase of the more expensive versions. And that’s the other downside – the price. Unless you either A. have the money or B. have a copy that’s provided by the school or the company, you’re looking at $300 to get Office.

Of course, you can get OneNote by itself, but again, the connection with the other Office programs is lost.

Evernote – Evernote is like OneNote, with the notebook aspect, however there are no tabs to separate sections, but you can create additional notebooks with their own sections. Think of Evernote has having multiple notebooks for each class.

Evernote pulls into the lead for many reasons – number one is the mobility of the software. Evernote can be accessed through a desktop/laptop download, online web access, and mobile access. Let’s say you made notes in Evernote on your laptop, but the battery died at the beginning of class. If you’re using Evernote on your phone, you can easily pull up the notes. Synchronization can be automatic to record any new additions or changes.

The Winner? While both programs offer the same ability, Evernote wins this as the mobile feature makes it a great way of keeping your notes no matter where you go. OneNote does have online access, however this only works if you’re a Windows user, while Evernote can be used on PCs, Macs, Androids, BB, and iPhones.

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