Every Hour of TV You Watch May Shorten Your Life by 22 Minutes

For many years, people have said that watching too much television can rot the brain. While that is not exactly true, a recent study in Australia concluded that watching too much television can in fact shorten one’s lifespan. 11,000 participants who were all over the age of 25 were tracked in this survey.

It is not that there is a specific direct correlation between the television shows that one watches and the length of life. It is due to the fact that watching television is a sedentary activity. When watching television, one is on a couch or a recliner. There is little physical activity that is happening if any at all. Many times, there are also fatty and unhealthy snacking that goes hand in hand with watching television.

The same thing could be said for people who spend most of their day in front of a computer screen. Life expectancy can drop in the person who is sitting in front of the computer screen each and every day.

When spending excessive amounts of time in front of a television, one is more likely to lead a lifestyle that is less active. This fact equates into a shorter lifespan. This does not necessarily mean that the television set needs to be thrown out, it simply means that a person needs to get out and enjoy life. There are too many exciting opportunities out there, so turn off the television and improve your quality of life. You can still watch some TV, but as with everything it should be done in moderation.

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