Got Ideas? How to Cultivate an ‘Idea Mindset’ to Execute Goals Effectively

Do you feel stuck, complacent or just bored with work these days? Relax, because this article has got your covered. Forgot coming up with the biggest and best pitch your boss has heard in months, or the winning concept you need to catapult your career.

All you need to do is start thinking about one idea—because with one, comes another and another…and another. In no time at all, you’ve come up with a dozen ideas that amount to greatness!

Think of Your Ideas Like Train Tracks

Achieving a goal isn’t always as difficult as we make it out to be.  It’s like a train. How can the train come when it doesn’t have tracks to guide it along to its destination? Before you begin to execute your plan, you need to have a foundation, which is where your idea comes into play. In order to continue accomplishing goals (and building up momentum, passion and a love for what you do), you’ve got to cultivate an ‘idea mindset.’ Then, in no time at all, you’ll hear that train coming!

The 10/100 Policy

When was the last time that you really thought about ways you could be more fulfilled at work? How often have you thought about being happier, more productive or creative either on the job, or in your personal life? For many, the default attitude is negativity—even though we don’t mean to. We don’t mean to focus on what we don’t have, or how things didn’t go as we expected. But the problem is, focusing on what’s not going as well in our life is a killer for the ‘doer’ attitude. Instead, focus on a 10/100 mode of thought!

Here’s how it works: once a month for ten consecutive days, you come up with ten ideas. It could be something as simple as an idea for saving time on your commute to work, or how to increase your energy in the afternoon (when you normally experience fatigue). By the end of those ten days, you’ll have 100 ideas which will kick start a future of highly productivity, creativity, energy and insight!

Learning to think about challenges, or even an average-no-challenges-in-sight kind of day is the start of success. It’s your secret to success, actually—because the more you think from an idea mindset, the more goals you’ll reach.

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