Facebook: We're Not Giving Out Your Number

Whenever Facebook changes a feature or adds something new, people get up in arms about privacy issues and how the company is stealing information and sharing it with all of the wrong people. The initial reports were that Facebook was giving out people’s phone numbers. A flurry of blog posts and Facebook wall posts erupted over this. That is certainly not the case and the recent change to the contact information in Facebook.

Every person who has a Facebook account has the ability to limit the amount of information that is shared. This can be very basic information or can include an address, phone number and more. There are account settings where a user sets who sees this private information. This is not decided by Facebook. If a user lists his cell phone, and has privacy setting where anyone can see all of his information, then anybody can see it. If you are concerned with this information sharing, take a look at the Privacy Settings of the account. It can easily be restricted to only those people who are on your friend list.

Facebook is a social media tool and the goal is to share with other people. People are on the site and have accounts because that is what they want to do. It is a wonder why people get bent out of shape over something they are electing to do. The bottom line is that if you do not want to share, do no have a Facebook account. Problem solved.

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