CXRE Commercial Real Estate Fair and Square: Which Fairmont is Best?

Boasting luxurious accomodations in the world’s most intriguing destinations, nothing can outshine a night in a Fairmont Resort. With 66 different locations, you are sure to find a Fairmont location at any destination you desire. Although there are many Fairmont locations, seeing one certainly does not mean you have seen them all. Which locations surpass the rest? Let us sift out the top Fairmont locations:

First Place Fairmont: Fairmont Beijing in Beijing, China

Cozily nestled in Beijing’s central business district, this location allows for easy access to many key Beijing attractions. Fortune 500 companies bustle all around as guests inside this Fairmont enjoy their relaxing visit to the Willow Stream Spa on any one of it’s three levels. Chinese relaxtion, artwork, and culinary concoctions are just the beginning of the wonders that Fairmont Beijing has to offer.

Not-Far-Behind Fairmont: Fairmont Royal Pavilion Hotel in Barbados

Caressing the edge of the Carribean Sea is the second best Fairmont Resort. The Royal Pavilion in Barbados has so much more than just a Carribean feel to offer. Each room comes complete with a glass-panelled balcony overlooking the ocean. However, if you are more of a player than a spectator, you will surely want to take advantage of this Fairmont’s complementary non-motorized water sports. Paddle boats, kayaks, snorkeling gear, and other water gear are available for you to take full advantage of. Watch out– you may need more than one day to fully experience the Fairmont Royal Pavilion Hotel in Barbados.

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