Famous people who use GTD (Getting Things Done)

At the forefront of the success revolution is David Allen, a productivity guru and creator of the time management system, “Getting Things Done.”

Allen’s system, known simply as GTD to its followers, establishes the principle that externalizing (notes and meetings) tasks is the best way to free the mind and boost results.

His book and methods have become hot with the privileged crowd. Famous people of all different fields proclaim Allen to be the new master of organization.

Here are 3 famous people who use GTD (Getting Things Done):

1) Oprah Winfrey:

She is known as The Queen for a reason. The inimitable Winfrey has transformed herself from a poverty-stricken daughter of Mississippi to a multi-media baroness. She is, by some accounts, the most influential person on the planet.

Winfrey follows GTD principles on a daily basis. To 22 million listeners, she has become a business icon and spiritual leader.

2) Will Smith:

The only actor to have eight consecutive movies open #1 at the box office, Smith keeps his life and career in the record books by following the effective principles laid out by Allen.

Smith has conquered entertainment’s two most challenging jobs: music and acting. GTD keeps his albums on shelves and his movies in theaters.

3) Tom Cruise:

Scientology’s greatest warrior is a die hard GTD believer. As an actor, producer, studio head, husband and father, Cruise can’t afford to waste time. GTD has allowed him to clip the unneeded activities from his schedule, leaving more time to travel the world and share his beliefs.

An already successful entrepreneur, Cruise uses Allen’s technology to remain the top gun in his industry.

Famous people use GTD because it helps with one of the biggest issues in their lives: what to do when you have so much to do.

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