Fighting or Fleeing - 3 Ways to Achieve Workplace Harmony and Employee Loyalty

Fighting For You or Fleeing: 3 Ways to Achieve Workplace Harmony and Employee Loyalty

The times, how they’ve changed. It wasn’t that long ago (just a mere few decades) that employees were still staying put—with acute loyalty and devotion—for the company they’ve always worked for. But, with the rapid changes in technology and how people work, employee loyalty has shifted. Change with it—by achieving more harmony, employee loyalty and devotion—and get them excited to be by your side (and stay there!)

Be Future Focused (and Figure Them Into the Equation)

When you employees feel trusted by you, they are satisfied in the present. But when they are excited about what the future holds, they’ll remain excited—and want to be part of the movement and direction in which your company is going. Let your employees in on your long term goals such as the positive, exciting ways that you see your business changing and adapting to the growing needs of the industry.

How do the talents your IT guy, personal assistant and graphic designer fit into the equation? How can you mold them and inspire them to stay engaged in the long term? Become a future focused employer—one that will motivate them to be as excited as you are about their growth through the coming months and years.  The employee that feels valued (as opposed to dispensable) is the employee that will support you and stick with you through thick and thin.

Show Up, Communicate Needs and Show Appreciation

When you show appreciation on a consistent basis (not just at the annual company picnic) you will keep your staff engaged. No one likes to feel undervalued and overworked. Think about how you would want to be treated. A quick shout out in an email or verbal recognition to a hard working employee will drive their loyalty to a whole new level.  A weekly brainstorming meeting with your team leads which ends on a positive note (“You are all doing a great job, and I really appreciate your hard work on this project!”) will give your team of employees the ability to feel connected, appreciated and most importantly, valued.

Take the ‘bee’ out of the worker by interacting and communicating with them on a human level. When you do, you’ll bring more meaning to the cause, and purpose to their work. The traditional workplace has changed, but when you motivate, communicate and adapt to the change, you can foster an environment that breeds employee loyalty and workplace harmony for years to come!


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