Five Dollars For Good Work

I stumbled upon an interested value proposition this week. The idea that people would do 1 to 10 things online for $5. Some would design a logo for $5, some would talk down to you like your father, while some would become your Facebook friend.

The name of the service is fiverr and it contains a listing of people will to do everything under the sun for $5….payable via PayPal. I tried it out for some of our other companies.

I used a user called goinglikesixty to review our companies for $5. I liked him so much that I used him to offer reviews on 5 different sites for 2 different companies. Good deal.

I also used a user called DeuceGroup to Digg and Stumble a few deep link pages inside some of our sites.  Very quick, very good links.

In both cases, the work was completed in less than an hour and was done satisfactorily. The fiverr website runs slowly because of all the new traffic, so I’d recommend getting individual email address to be able to bypass the website. The site accepts PayPal, retains some of the funds and send the rest to the workers.

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