Five spots you often miss when applying sunscreen

During those moments when we’re applying some SPF-laden product on our skin we often recall that we’ve quite literally gotten burned in the past by failing to cover certain spots. The thing is, we often remember what some of them are, but it isn’t until it’s too late that we realize we didn’t catch them all. staff writer Molly Edmonds reported on the five spots we often miss when we’re putting on sunscreen and they bear repeating because even if you’ve always been somewhat diligent about lathering or spraying your own skin, you may find yourself struggling to be thorough if you happen to be a harried parent, uncle, or camp counselor with the unenviable task of applying and reapplying lotion on kids, especially kids in considerable quantities.

The five spots we often miss:

1) Behind the knees, where a burn can make every step torture.

2) Our feet, particularly the tops, since we as sunbathers often don’t want sand sticking to those areas; Edmonds says that “according to the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, skin cancer on the foot often goes unnoticed because people don’t check their feet as diligently as they check other body parts.”

3) Our hands – again the tops of our hands and, interestingly, “UV rays can damage the fingernails,” Edmonds says.

4) The ears: Notes Edmonds, “skin cancer cells appear on all parts of the ear, including in the rims and bowls that may seem to be protected from the sun.”

5) The scalp. This is perhaps the hardest sell for coverage, especially if you have hair. Which is why those brazenly overpriced cans of spray sunscreen are worth having – misting your and your loved ones’ scalp is fairly effortless if you have one of those cans in hand.

Image source: Steve and Jem Copley via Wikimedia Commons

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