For the Employee: How to Propose a Telecommute Option to Your Boss

Oh, the working world is continually changing. More than ever, employees are working with a schedule that is reflected with that change. Meaning? The traditional workplace (that cubicle you know so well) is becoming less and less of a benefit to both employees and their employers. Does a commute-free life sound good to you? We bet it does. Here’s how to pitch a telecommuting work schedule to your boss—so he has no option but to give you the green light to a work life of freedom.

Give Your Boss a Two-Time Proposal!

If you work in an environment where there isn’t already a telecommuting option in place (or even if there is, it’s for the selected few) your job isn’t to squawk, complain or gossip about the overly managed work environment you live in. It’s your job to prove you’re ideal ‘remote worker’ material! How do you do this, exactly? By being prepared by giving your boss an oral and written presentation to motivate and educate!

As life experience has already taught you, the more prepared you are, the greater your success will be. Don’t just bombard with boss with talk about working from home. Be ready to explain why you have what it takes-discipline, a strong work ethic and a solid record of deliverance—to get more done by telecommuting!

Make It About Your Boss, Not You

Do you remember when you had your job interview back when, and you exclaimed with enthusiasm to your now-boss why it would be in HIS best interest to hire you? It’s the golden rule of persuasion: make it about them, not you. Make your pitch count—the idea that you can be more productive, creative and efficient when you work from the privacy of your own home. Instead of focusing on the ‘why me,’ make your argument geared around an “it’s about you, boss” train of thought. Keep your argument short and sweet. List five strong points about why working remotely will benefit your boss—and remain positive. Complainers never finish first.

Show Your Employer the ‘Proof’

Explaining to your boss that you want more flexibility in your work schedule isn’t a persuasive statement, but explaining that you are your most creative in the early morning—hours before your traditional work schedule requires you to step foot in the office—will illustrate the benefits of a remote option to him.

This is the time to remind your employer of your track record, so don’t be shy. Remind him of your constant attention to detail, strong organization, creative input at each weekly meeting and precise decision making that has made his company consistently more visible online and offline since you were hired.

Be specific and paint a picture that will allow your boss to see how pivotal telecommuting could be. If he still seems hesitant, suggest a trial period. If you don’t deliver as well from home after an initial 15 days, then no harm, no foul. Close you’re meting by reminding him that’s you’re someone who delivers, and you’ll continue to prove yourself while working from home (it’s the name of this game!) Making the switch from the cubicle to a telecommuting position is a win/win!

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