For the Employer: Why You Should Offer Your Staff a Telecommute Option

For employees, a work life that exists inside of a cubicle can be limiting and daunting.  The thing is, they’ve already proven to be a productive, valued employee no matter where they work, so why not allow them the option to work from home? Why not begin managing the work that needs to be done, instead of where and how they do it? Here are several benefits for you and your company when your team works from the place of their choosing.

Benefit #1: Their ‘Peak Productivity’ Time of the Day May Be Before You Even Wake Up

It’s important to remember that not everyone works best on your schedule. Not everyone gets things done in the pace that you do, and some folks—those who have hired to take care of some of your most important tasks—need more privacy and peace and quiet than a traditional work environment offers them.

One of the biggest and most important benefits telecommuting can directly offer you is an employee who gets more done in a private environment. Do you have staff members who are naturally more introverted than extroverted? Sometimes, an outgoing, chatty work environment can prevent an employee from getting more done in less time, all of which a telecommuting arrangement can radically transform!

Benefit #2: A Telecommute Schedule Allows Them to Get More Done

A telecommuting arrangement should never be abused. The whole point is to give your employees the option to work smarter, not harder in an environment that best supports their ability to do so—whether that’s at their local Starbucks, or from their home office. Think about telecommuting like this: the time your employee usually spends in gridlock traffic as they commute to the office and back could be used sending important emails, brainstorming their next best pitch, or making those important phone calls to your most important clients—all before you’ve gotten to the office!

Benefit #3: Telecommuting Promotes a Greater Sense of Loyalty

If you’ve struggled with ways to effectively ‘move the masses’ (aka: your team of marketers, salespeople and managers), telecommuting might just be the answer you’ve been looking for. In other words, giving your employees a little bit of new found freedom and flexibility can go a LONG way. If telecommuting makes you nervous, think about it like this: simply by giving them the option for part-time telecommuting (such as one or two days a week), can support a work environment of mutual trust, which for you can lead to greater loyalty from your employees. When you have the respect of your team, you can indeed move mountains together.

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