Get Sustainable and Green with an EPA Purchasing Policy

Several studies have proven that sustainable energy use, water conservation, waste reduction and other efficient practices help the environment and the bottom line.  Green products and practices can bring considerable savings; not only do you save resources that might otherwise be wasted, you also save on utilities (and often because less resources are lost).Generally, deciding that you’ll buy environmentally safe products ends at the decision; sometimes a firmer commitment is needed.  An EPA purchasing policy fulfills that needed commitment, as well as setting out standards for your company.What is an EPA purchasing policy?Also known as a Green purchasing policy, an EPA purchasing policy is a document that lays out what environmentally safe products your company will buy, from sustainable energy products to non-toxic pest controls.  For instance, you may decide to replace conventional paper with recycled paper.  Buying recycled paper from such-and-such a company would go into your policy.Writing an EPA purchasing policyA purchase policy can be as broad, or as specific, as your company needs it to be.  Here are some tips on writing your company’s EPA purchasing policy:•    Start slow; set up test phases so any kinks can be worked out.•    Buy the products in small amounts to make sure they meet your needs before buying them in bulk.•    Before you establish your policy, do your research.  Make sure you know what products are available.•    Define the reason for the policy, and what you plan to accomplish with it.  An example would be cutting back on air, land and water pollution.  Part of that might include installing a sustainable irrigation system the saves on water waste.An EPA purchasing policy will help your business toe the environmental line, and grow the bottom line, with sustainable energy, water conservation and many other types of products.

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