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We all remember AOL’s walled garden approach to the Internet. It coaxed us to stay inside its safe, spam-filled walls. Why leave the endless AOL domain and go out into that nasty, big bad wilderness of other domains? Ah, the 1990s and the Internet. AOL is also infamous for including those stupid install CDs in the mail and then dodging removal when you realize how awful it is. There’s a ton of true stories about people trying to cancel from AOL and talking with reps for hours before they finally get it.

So… why would you still have an AOL email? There’s no excuse for this.

AOL emails look shoddy and unprofessional. They’re so overused that you can almost never get your full name anymore. Instead, you’re stuck with ‘Sk8terboi2001_2015.’ Within your AOL email account, barely anything worth looking at is offered. In addition, the company has been struggling along for ages and could go under at any point, deleting every single email you’ve ever received or sent in an instant.

Gmail is the future. It makes you look trendy, cool, and like you’re on the same page. Professionals are comfortable using gmail and it’s still not hard to use your real full name. Gmail is hooked up to a bunch of services. It’s like credit card perks; once you have a Gmail account, that’s your Google account. It gives you access to Picasa, Google Docs, and so much more.

Switch to Gmail and you’ll never look back.

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