Gmail vs AOL

There are a number of different web based in free e-mail programs that are on the market today. Finding the right one is awesome a matter of personal preference. Two of the main competitors in this market would be Gmail and AOL. Both are free to their users and have varying options, but there’s only one that stands out as the best e-mail service.

AOL has been in the business of e-mail longer than Google. How many people can remember receiving AOL CDs in the mail? There are number of advantages to the AOL mail service. It has high-level security futures and spam protection. It also includes a robust interface that includes a calendar, chat and other social networking options. There is also unlimited e-mail storage space online and access through IMAP and POP. Some of the negatives of the service are that there isn’t an option for smart folders or labeling of e-mails. Messages cannot be threaded and the e-mail search is not very efficient.

Gmail is robust yet streamlined e-mail program. There is IMAP and POP access, smart sorting of messages, and simple organization that can be done on e-mails and chat conversations. Work is constantly being done on the Gmail platform, so there are always improvements and a number of add-ons that can be used to make the program more customized. These can be found in the Gmail Labs section as these features are in the beta stage. This means that there may be the possibility of unstable performance at times. The downside of Gmail would be that there is not unlimited space but this should not be a concern for most users.

If the year were 1990, there were limited e-mail options and AOL would be the best choice. Times have changed and more robust and user-friendly programs such as Gmail have emerged. It does usually boil down to a matter of personal preference, but Gmail overall is a far superior choice.

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