Go Clean for a Green Building and LEED® EBOM Certification

When you’re going toward LEED® EB certification, you’ll notice that many of the points are focused on cleaning and related areas.  Indoor air quality (IAQ) is an important issue, no matter what type of LEED® certification you’re trying to gain.  For the level of Certified, cleaning issues take up eight points, about a fourth of the points needed.For that matter, IAQ should be important to everyone, certification or not.  After all, it’s the air you breathe, and just about everything affects it.  Any pollutants in the air will also be on the surfaces around your building, on walls, chairs, office desks, etc.  To make matters worse, many cleaning solutions have toxic chemicals in them.  Those cleaning solutions are used on surfaces and then evaporate into the air.  No, this isn’t a scare tactic – it’s just reality.Does this mean everybody should walk around with gas masks and filters on?  No – but, there are steps and/or measures you can follow to reduce the negative effects on your lungs and increase the IAQ in your building.  Here are just a few:Talk to your janitorial division.  In large companies especially, upper-management has no idea what products are used during cleaning. Those who clean the building, on the other hand, will have a much better idea.  Find out which products they use that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.Implement a green purchasing policy.  You’ll probably find out that very few of the cleaning products and materials used on a daily basis are sustainable.  Very likely, many of them have toxic properties.  A green purchasing policy will set out guidelines for what type of products to purchase and from which vendors.  It’s a low cost way to “green clean” your business.Hire a LEED® -AP or certified business A LEED® -AP is a credited professional who has proven knowledge on LEED® certification implementation.  In addition, they’re aware of the issues that cause poor indoor air quality, from cleaning supplies to equipment and more.  If you’re serious about gaining LEED®  EB certification or improving indoor air quality in general, a LEED®  AP can help.

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