Google Business Mail Or Microsoft Exchange?

Whenever a newcomer makes a splash into an established software market, one has to ask if switching over is really worth the hassle. Since all things Google seem to be quickly throwing their competition off the top of the mountain, its time to compare Google’s Business Email with the more traditional Outlook Exchange server solution.
Email is undeniably a huge component in keeping your company productive and running smoothly. While Google Business Mail and Outlook both work well enough to keep things moving, you may find some of the features of Google’s app make it a serious consideration.

The biggest different that most users will immediately notice between Outlook and Google is the way messages are organized. Outlook has always treated messages like a file and organized them in a tree-like structure. This works well enough in most cases, but what if a message falls under multiple folders?

The intuitive and simple message organization system is where Google Business Email shines. Google just has you create a list of labels which are then applied to each message. You can put three or four on the same email if that makes sense.

Another difference that takes some getting used to but ultimately saves you time is the conversation threads. Google organizes related emails as if they were a chat history. Open the newest email about quarterly meeting and you’ll see any past emails from you or other recipients.

Google definitely makes some strides to increase your productivity. But it comes at the price of giving up the more familiar Outlook interface. With a face paced life style in mind, Google Business Mail makes a lot sense to keep things organized and flowing smoothly.

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