Google Map Hacks

Google Maps is one of the more robust free map programs that is currently available on the Internet. Even with this fact, there are still a lot of items and functionality that is missing from Google Maps. Because of this there are a lot of Google Maps hacks that are out there that allow the user to change and tweak the settings to provide varying results that are not part of the standard Maps program.

Some examples of the hacks would be ones that allow the user to zoom in further than the closest setting, mashing up the maps with other search results, changing the settings to allow multiple driving direction locations, and more. If it can be imagined, there is probably a script that is written for the specific tweak. 

By doing a simple Google search for Google Map Hacks, one will find that there are a wide variety of hacks that can be done to this web program. Since the map program is based in XML, it means that users are able to easily and simply change the coding and scripts to be able to get different results. Most of the hacks that are out there are for more experienced users, and may frustrate the rest of us who would try to do this. With some patience and a little bit of a learning curve, we may be able to re-create the hack. Otherwise, we shall leave it up to the techno geeks out there to tweak Google maps to their hearts content.


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