Google Maps Tricks you never knew you needed.

Google is where most of the internet turns when looking for information and that holds true when we are searching for location specific information. Like most things we do on a regular basis, we can hack our user experience for better results and greater efficiency. Google Maps is no exception and here are some tips and tricks that you won’t know how you searched without.
Google Maps is a great resource for tourism, but Use-It Europe expands on it’s capabilities by providing city guides for young travelers in Europe. With a greater focus on night life, great eateries and cultural sights geared to a younger crowd; it’s indispensable for next generation globe trotters. Visit HTTP:// to find tourist information geared to travelers who are looking to avoid the tour bus and tourist trap crowd.
How many times while on a website do you see an address and want to check it out in Google Maps? Bookmaplet allows you to see a location in Google Maps without leaving the site your on. Simply visit HTTP:// and drag the Map that Address bookmarklet into your toolbar. Highlight a street address on any website and click the bookmaplet in your toolbar to show the location on a map.
For those who simply must be up to date on the hottest trends then Google Trends Live Mapping simply cannot be missed. provides a hypnotic view of the latest Google trends at HTTP:// It is a revealing look at the hottest topics that are Geo-tagged and is updated live with links to related news and blogs for the trending search term.
While traveling, visiting a must see event you saw online, or following up on those trending search topics; Dopplr let’s you share your travel plans and see which of your friends will be in the same area. The ability to connect to your online calenders and social networks makes keeping updated nearly effortless. To get in on the Geo-location goodness visit HTTP:// Dopplr will also give you suggestions on what to see and where to stay while on the go.
This barely scratches the surface on how Google Maps can connect you with where you are, where you’re going, the hottest trends and who will be there. An active community of developers continues to add depth and dazzling dimension to the ubiquitously useful Google Maps.

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