Google Search Hacks Most People Don't Know What They're Looking For

There are plenty of times when searching for something in a search engine is not as simple as we would like for it to be. Trying to find just the right combination of search terms in order for Google to yield the desirable results can be more than frustrating at times. Fortunately, there are a number of cool Google shortcuts that can help you get closer to what you may be looking for without having to throw your laptop out the window.

Take not of the following tricks for your future Google searches. First, the wildcard (*) search operator can be entered for a word or phrase of the search terms when you don’t know part of a phrase or how to spell a specific word. An example of the wildcard operator at work is: “the * of the father”, for when you are searching for “the sins of the father.”

Another stellar Google hack that can come in handy is the synonym (~) search operator. The synonym search operator is used just before the word that you would like to generate synonyms for. It is only effective when using a search term that has more than one word. For example, when searching for “New York hotels,” you could use the synonym search operator before the word hotels like this: “New York ~hotels.” Search engine results would yield results for New York hotels, New York motels, New York accommodations, etc.

It can be frustrating to access pages of websites that are unavailable. Sometimes, pages are no longer listed, or sites may be down for maintenance. When this happens, there is another Google hack that can be helpful. You can browse unavailable web pages using Google’s cache. To do this, simply enter the word ‘cache’ followed by a colon and the domain or website in the search engine address bar. For example, cache:

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