Google Search Hacks Part 2

When searching on Google, your results are only as good as the query you enter. In that way, Google is servant to the computer-using master. This means that the best way to improve your search results is to change your search methods.

Hacks make this possible.

Hacks, also known as tricks, codes or “secrets”, are particular equations and phrasings that allow users to turn a vague search into a specific hunt.

Here are 3 of the cleverest, most unknown Google search hacks:

1) See only faces:

Want a pretty shot of your favorite singer’s face, but don’t want to scroll through various unrelated images of them? Use a special code that allows you to filter out the unwanted pictures.

Add &IMGTYPE=FACE to the end of your search phrase or word to just get images of the target’s face.

2) Identify with images:

If you forget what something looks like, say a car or type of food, you can use this method to locate pictures of the mysterious item. By using Google Image search instead of the main page, you can instantly run through the lineup and identify your target.

Just go to Google Search and enter your query. Thousands of pictures will pop up, reminding you of what you forgot.

3) Find related terms:

This one is simple. By just adding a tilde (~) to the front of your search term, you can find hundreds of other related articles and documents. For example, if you Google ~LOVE, you can find results with the words “sex”, “kissing” and “romance” in them.

Despite its ease and incredible effectiveness, this is one of the least used hacks on Google.

Using a search engine is like cooking. There are millions of different recipe combinations and alterations. With these 3 Google hacks, start making some tasty online discoveries.

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