Google Search Hacks Part Four

If you have been using the Internet for any length of time, you probably already have a fairly decent understanding of how to search for many things. However, there are times when searching for certain search terms on Google requires a few tricks to get the right kind of results. These days, there are all kinds of cool things that one can do with Google. Entering the exact search terms for something gets you the most accurate results, but these Google search hacks offer shortcuts to finding other information through Google.

First, find information on certain flights by entering the airline and the flight number. Google provides tracking and status information for all major airlines. For example, by entering “Jet Blue flight 679,” I can see the flight status at the top of search results without having to go to a specific site or weed through flight statuses on the Jet Blue website.

Another handy trick for travelers is searching for local time after arriving in a different time zone. This is also a neat tool for people who collaborate with those in other parts of the world. To get the local time, simply enter “what time is it” in the Google search box. To find the local time somewhere else, enter “what time is it in ____” with the name of the city. For example, “what time is it in Bangkok” displays the current time in the city of Bangkok at the top of search engine results.

Google offers a number of built-in calculators for all types of uses. These calculators can convert currency and units of measurement within a matter of seconds. For example, to convert ten U.S. Dollars to Euros, simply enter “10 USD in Euro” for the result. The answer is displayed at the top of search engine results, again without having to visit an actual website.

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