Google+ tips and tricks: Ways to make the most of your account

Google has taken its considerable resources to create a comprehensive social media platform of its own, Google+. After users switch from Facebook to Google+, many are asking how they can maximize their time and make the most of their account. Here are a few simple tips and tricks for the few million subscribers in the wide world of Google+.The circles are the basic way in which users can connect to their friends, family, co-workers, teammates, and any other relationships that they may have. It can be easy to get bogged down with who is in what circle. An easy way to keep up with this feature is to click on the “People who have added you” button occasionally. It is a time efficient way to know who has added you that you have not added in return.

Google is excellent at combining all of their technologies into a simple interface. This means that those with Gmail accounts that use Google Chrome as their web browser will find themselves with some major advantages over those who do not. Google Chrome will retain the Google+ toolbar at the top of the browser for easy access to notifications, friend’s updates, and even even email. It also allows users to show off websites, pictures, and songs to friends without actually having to access the Google+ website. Try out the “nearby” stream to see what strangers are posting about restaurants, movies, concerts, and other local events.

Google+ has tons of interesting and unique features that allow it to stand out in the over-saturated world of social media. Google has taken the best features of its competition, and then expounded on them to develop a rich environment with nearly unlimited potential.

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