Google Voice Get a Major Upgrade on the iPhone

Internet search giant Google has announced a string of updates, upgrades and new features to its popular Google Voice app for the Apple iDevices. With the new iOS version of Google Voice, lucky iPhone and iPad users can now send text messages to groups of friends, a mobile functionality which was only previously available on smartphones powered by the Android mobile operating system.

Besides the ability to send text messages to multiple recipients, the upgraded Google Voice for iOS app also allows users to copy and paste numbers and e-mail addresses right on the iPhone or iPad dialer with just one touch. The app will now dig into the device’s Contact List to provide auto-complete functionality, and will also display the number of characters entered when composing a new message.

For Sprint customers in the United States, the upgrade to the Google Voice app means that they can make phone calls at greatly reduced rates using their Google Voice phone number instead of the one assigned by Sprint. There seems to be an issue, however, with the new Sprint integration feature: some users have reported that their iPhones are refusing to use the Google Voice number when dialing out. This was reported by users who received phone calls from Sprint iPhone owners; they noticed that their caller ID displayed Sprint’s number rather than a Google Voice number. Other users posted reviews on the iTunes App Store which indicated that they had problems logging in to the network.

The Google Voice app for iOS isn’t the only one that has shipped with bugs. Google found a major issue within its Gmail app last month, forcing the company to pull it from the App Store for a few days while it worked on resolving the problem.

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