Google+: What it is, Why it's different, and How to stay Afloat

Google+ has quickly been turning heads as the fastest growing social network. With over 20 million users in just a few months of private beta, this service has already established itself as a leading new force in the social arena. Google+ has many features; some building on the successes of sites such as Facebook and other features that are unique to Google’s approach to the Internet, Google+ is redefining the way networking happens online.

The largest new feature is the addition of Circles. Google+ Circles is an organizational system used for grouping your contacts into various groups. With built-in labels such as Friends, Family, and Acquaintances, and the ability to add additional groupings, contacts can be sorted in to various groups with which you can customize your sharing options. For instance, you can have different status posts to your work friends than your family and so on. In addition, in the equivalent of the News Feed (the main page of Google+), you can select which groups you want to see. This enables a quick view of what your fiends, family, and co-workers are doing, without having to sort through all of your contacts in one feel swoop.

Google+ is currently gaining ground very quickly. The adoption rate has been exponential and millions of users are online. However, it’s biggest hurdle will be usurping Facebook’s marketshare, as well as not falling prey to the same factors which have muddied Facebook. If Google+ can stay clear of throwing digital sheep, planting crops, and being in the mafia, the simple, functional, and elegant solution there are offering may ultimately be the ultimate social network destination.

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