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When someone writes the history of the Internet, Google is going to be the company to remember.  It seems like every year Google is coming out with the next big thing.  In 2000, it was the Google Toolbar.  In 2002, it was Google Labs, and in 2007 it was Google Docs.  Their focus on innovation is simply unmatched.  The newest invention is Google Place Pages, and it will certainly enhance your trip-planning experience.  Rather than having an old-fashioned map that only tells you where a landmark or address is, Google Place Pages provides you with extra pieces of information about that site.  For example, it shows you a street view photo of the address, nearby metro or rail locations, neighborhood dining options, and related web sites or helpful links.  By collecting detailed information about a place, Google Place Pages turns your map into an all-encompassing and easy-to-use travel guide.  Everything you need is in one easy to find and use location:  just click the “view more information” link at the bottom of the summary.  It is that easy!

Do you like Google Earth?  Well, now you can access the same detailed information about a location from Google Place Pages within Google Earth.  This seems like the perfect transition for users to browse the globe in 3D.  I am a huge fan of Google Earth, and this feature just improved the experience tenfold.  I encourage you to check it out for your next vacation.  Trust me; it will make planning your next trip a lot easier.  For a little extra fun with Google Earth, try browsing around and learning about a foreign country, unfamiliar city, or memorizing landmark.  The detail provided from Google, especially the photos, makes you feel like you are actually there.  You can tour the world without ever leaving your computer chair.   You might discover your next dreamy vacation hot spot.  Last night, my browsing took me everywhere from the rain forests of South America and the sub-alpine forests in Yellow Stone National Park to the marvelous canals of Venice and the architectural splendor of the Dubai skyline.  Honestly, you never know what you’ll find.

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