Green Cleaning For LEED Buildings

Building owners who pursue the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for their new or existing commercial buildings are performing an environmentally responsible act as well as making a prudent business decision.  As these building owners are fast discovering, much the merit of the LEED certification quickly transfers to the facility maintenance manager.The facility maintenance manager is charged with learning and implementing LEED maintenance and operational procedures.  To assist these facility maintenance managers, the U.S. Green Building Council has released their newest LEED certification version, the v3.  Under its Existing Buildings: O&M (Operations and Maintenance) LEED v3 helps answer questions and provides guidelines and checklists for LEED certified buildings or buildings that are pursuing LEED certification.Green cleaning requires training, astute product and equipment selection and implementation of aggressive recycling programs.  Green cleaning requires a commitment to the healthy building and work environment that LEED certification establishes.All Green cleaning procedures must be designed to improve occupant health.  This is the core element that drives Green cleaning services.  All janitorial services and commercial cleaning services must adhere to this commitment.The facility maintenance manager should check all cleaning supplies, all cleaning equipment and review the janitorial service’s training program to assure that it complies with the latest green cleaning standards.There are three main independent green cleaning auditing services.  Products certified by either Envirodesic, Environmental Choice or Green Seal have been audited and approved for use in LEED certified buildings.  These products are safe for consumption and free of surfactants or wetting agents.  These green cleaning products contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).Green cleaning for LEED certified buildings requires a change in mindset from conventional janitorial cleaning services.  Green cleaning companies need to take a holistic approach to sustainability.  These commercial cleaning companies must come to realize that their personnel, goods, products and services directly impact the health of the building and its occupants.  Facility maintenance mangers who insist on green cleaning techniques are protecting the certified integrity of the investment.

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