Green Cleaning Products

Everyone seems to want a piece of the green pie.  Why not?  Green is the wave of the future.  Green is the planet’s future.  The purpose of green cleaning is to create a healthy and safe workplace in a sustainable building using sustainable products.  Unfortunately not everyone understands those concepts.  Suffice it to say, there are pretenders to the thrown.

These pretenders put pressure on building managers and cleaning managers.  Once the commitment to go green has been made, let’s not reverse those good intentions through bad practices or the use of non-green certified products or equipment.

The fact is that not all products claiming to be green or claiming to provide green benefits deliver on their promise.  Good intentions do not create a healthier workplace.

Products bearing the Green Seal Certification label have been tested and approved as complying with green and LEED standards.  Today, many manufacturers claim to have green products but are unwilling to fund the necessary testing.  There are authorized green certifications for just about any green product.  In the cleaning industry, Green Seal is the most recognized certification.

Cleaning managers and building managers must read product information labels.  Question everything.  With products claiming to be green, it is better to be safe rather than sorry.  After reading the manufacturer’s specifications, if you still have questions, call Green Seal or contact the U.S. Green Building Council for assistance.

Too many cleaning companies think green cleaning is about changing from traditional bleach and ammonia-based products to less powerful agents.  Really, this is the tip of the iceberg.

Green cleaning products contain little or no contaminants and are sustainable.  Proper dilution practices are necessary and improper dilution practices can offset the environmental attributes of the products.

This is one reason why the LEED certification system awards one point for education and training of cleaning staff and maintenance personnel.  Your green cleaning initiative is only as effective as the prodcu8ts you use.  Question every product that enters the building but only use certified green products.

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