Green Floor Care

Floor care is critical to the success of green cleaning.  While green cleaning programs typically promote the idea that less is often more, green floor care programs do not cut corners on quality.  Proper floor care can eliminate and control pollutants before they spread though the building.  This is the guiding principle to proper green floor care.Green floor care products are safer, healthier and just as effective as conventional floor care products.  The selection of certified green strippers, cleaners and finishers is the first step to success.  Be sure to choose products that do not contain heavy metals, or carcinogens.  Do not use any products whose VOC concentration is over 7%.Floor care specialists need to be trained.  Green cleaning products have specific instructions for mixing and for application.  Very often persons who have worked with conventional floor care products use higher concentrates and larger quantities of cleaners than necessary.  Despite the absence of metal products, green floors can be as luminous as conventional finishes.Floors should be cleaned daily.  Green cleaners may consider cleaning the entryways more than once a day.  The goal is to stop the transport of pollutants through the building.One of the best deterrents to the spread of dirt is proper matting.  Cleaning companies should encourage the building owner to purchase high quality entrance mats.  The ISSA estimates that it costs $600 to remove one pound of dirt after it has entered the building.  Containing those pollutants is worth the investment.  When the mats have captured the dirt, make sure the dirt is cleaned from the mat at the point of entry.Green cleaning of floors is not rocket science but it is critical.  Use certified green products, train the employees in the use of the products, maintain the trafficked areas daily and use an aggressive matting system to contain the flow of dirt.  Start today and your building will be healthier tomorrow.

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