Green Home Trends to Invest In

The 411 on 2015: Green Home Trends to Invest In!

There are some things in life that have come and gone: leg warmers, the all-chocolate diet and slap bracelets. But, some things—like rock n’ roll—are here to stay. Green buildings are not a fad, or a trend that will vanish when another building innovation takes it place. Living an environmentally responsible lifestyle is the present and the future. Here’s a snapshot of how enticing that future in fact, looks.

Environmentally Responsible (and Affordable!) Homes

Environmentally responsible homes are only for people with a big budget, right? Wrong.  It’s 2015, which means that the variety of building materials, resources and opportunities to create a ‘green’ home is vast and plentiful. On a super tight budget? Purchase a “micro” home and increase your quality of living with a minimalist lifestyle. This year, you’ll have a variety of (already in-place) eco-friendly homes that will save you money, time, resources, and energy. Best of all, a green home will allow you to stick to your budget—a ‘must’ for you and the family you provide for.

Cool Roofing

During an Indian summer day, you might do anything just to stay cool indoors—but when you have a traditional roof that’s prone to absorbing heat, you’re up against the impossible. Find a cure to the summer heat blues by investing in a cool roofing option—it doesn’t absorb but instead reflect the scorching heat back to the environment, instead of into your home.  Although it costs more than a traditional roof, the payoff is big: just think about how much you’ll save each month in utility costs!

Windows (the Low-E Kind)

Traditional windows are getting a bad reputation, and for good reason: they cause energy to be wasted. However, low-E windows (which stand for low emissivity) efficiently keep the cold and/or warm air inside of your home. The end result? Lower electricity costs, less energy spent and a productive, happy home.

The fact is, your home has never been a more exciting place to live. As the environment changes, the ‘traditional’ home is changing, too.  By changing the home in which you live, you can foster a happier, and healthier quality of life—a win/win for the planet, and for you!

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