GreenEfficient's Governing Vision

I am often asked about our corporate governing vision. This has always seemed too theoretical a question to want to answer, however I will give it a shot in this first blog of 2015. The great Solomon once said that without vision, the people perish. I, however, choose to take that to the next level. I believe that without connecting the organizational vision to individual position goals, the whole organization perishes. Our goal here inside GreenEfficient is to connect individual position responsibilities with each of the following governing statements. This shows the correlation between individual efforts and organizational results. Each connection and execution of the vision should be performed within the context of our 5 core values.

Facility exceptionalism through remarkable service

Mission Statement
We maximize facility performance through exceptional client service.

Vision Statement
We always unlock the maximum potential of facilities to deliver maximum health and environmental benefits to clients because we are a caring and engaged service team focused on disciplined action and exceptional performance.

Core Values
• Self-Discipline
• Financial Responsibility
• Exceptionalism
• Proactive Engagement
• Creativity

As we go all-in into 2015, we will maximize value in our client relationships, maximize the performance of our clients’ facilities and maximize the vision contribution of our team members.

Rick Walker, CEO, GreenEfficient, Inc.

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