Greener Inventions: MIT Adds a “Shock” to Sustainable Energy

Need a legitimate reason to speed down Texas roads?  Okay, so no matter what’s going on, the roads in Texas still have speed limits.  However, with a new invention from students at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), you might soon have a good reason to go off-roading.Now, engineers from all over the world have been trying to figure out a way to make vehicles less environmentally unhealthy.  Who want’s a gas-guzzler with the high price of gasoline?  Who wants the frowns and glares when you drive by in your 10-mile-a-gallon car?The students at MIT came up with a great solution: shock absorbers that turn the “thump” into a “bump” of energy.  Still in the testing stage, the shock absorbers can already generate up to 1 kilowatt on an average road; at the moment, they’re being tested on a Humvee.Recognizing a good thing when they find it, the MIT team started the company Levant Power.  The company says, “GenShock is a reliable, low-cost way to increase the bottom line.”Meanwhile, across the “pond” in UK, a designer engineered power-generating speed bumps.  As people drive over the speed bumps, the kinetic energy is harnessed to run streetlights, signals and electronic road signs.  They’re already in the testing phase in west London.Put the two together and you have one “shocking” future; cleaner energy using gas-guzzling vehicles and frustrating speed bumps.What does all this mean for your business?  Well, the creators of GenShock say it’s a great step toward increasing fuel economy, improving fuel-efficiency by 3 – 5%.  They believe that a regular care might have as much as 10% more fuel-efficiency, though they have yet to test it.For more information or to keep updated, visit:

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